How To FInd More Pictures Like These

Short Answer

We found all of these high school cheerleader pics on PictureView.
These specific pictures were found in the "alt.binaries.nospam.cheerleaders" newsgroup.

Long Answer

PictureView is a service that gives you instant, easy access to the usenet, the Internet's giant bulletin board system. People use the USENET to share pictures, movies, messages and more. The things they share are divided up into "newsgroups". The images on these pages were posted in a newsgroup called "alt.binaries.nospam.cheerleaders" which is a newsgroup dedicated to cheerleaders (obviously). Of course, there are hundreds of other newsgroups on PictureView that deal with all kinds of subject matter beyond cheerleaders. 
If you're the curious type and enjoy a wide array of pictures and videos from all genres (including adults only) and want to look at the pictures and movies on the USENET, you can use a service like PictureView to easily find and download USENET postings using your web browser.  
WARNING: the items posted to the USENET come from lots of different people who have lots of different ideas about what is appropriate for public consumption. Don't be surprised if you look into a newsgroup and find postings that are either A) rude, B) inappropriate, C) not suitable for minors, D) distasteful, or E) some combination of A - D. Adults only. Definitely NSFW. Proceed at your own risk!
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